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This new report, Increasing STEM Engagement & Knowledge Among K-8 Students: Effective Practices & Artifacts from the Massachusetts STEM ELT Network, provides details, examples, and project artifacts from the Massachusetts STEM ELT network.

Web-based Tool
The CTAT is a web-based observation tool that helps individual teachers understand how they are using time in their classrooms, and helps schools identify and capture effective time management strategies across classrooms.

Web-based Tool
A few minutes here and there each day add up. If your school schedules 30 minutes for transitions daily, that totals nearly three weeks of school each year. How is time allocated in your schedule? Use this tool to find out, and spark some interesting conversations with your staff.

Schools can face a dizzying array of community partners offering programs that vary in content, quality, and capacity. Use this tool to select future partners that may work with your students, and also assess your current partnerships.

Unlike tested subjects, little quantitative data exists to measure the quality of enrichment courses. Use this tool, developed from lessons learned at expanded time schools, to determine how well enrichments are implemented at your school.

When schools are given the opportunity to add more time, many of them wish to create additional enrichment opportunities, but are unsure of the best ways to do so. Use this tool to learn from expanded schools as you decide what programs are best suited for your students.

More time on its own does not ensure quality collaboration. Use this tool to determine how well your school uses collaboration time, and search for ways to improve that time.

Many expanded time schools schedule academic support periods for their students. Look through this step by step guide, developed by one of Edwards Middle School’s administrators, to discover how they implemented their Academic Leagues and turned around one of Boston’s lowest performing schools.

Resource to help teachers measure time use within the school day.

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