NCTL researches and documents effective practices of high-performing expanded learning time schools across the country.

NCTL's publications contain our latest research on these practices as well as our policy reports, school case studies, and profiles of emerging time and learning trends. Through these publications, you will find the countless ways that expanded learning time can help raise student achievement, empower teachers, and add enriching opportunities for all children.

Our Featured Publications

David Farbman

Giving English Language Learners the Time They Need to Succeed profiles three expanded-time elementary schools, providing both the framework and compelling examples for understanding how the strategies and effective practices aimed at helping ELL students blend together to produce a high-quality education.

Claire Kaplan, Roy Chan, David Farbman, & Ami Novoryta

Time for Teachers examines 17 high-performing and fast-improving schools around the country that have taken advantage of expanded school schedules to provide teachers with more time to collaborate.

Claire Kaplan & Roy Chan

Time Well Spent reshapes the field for expanded-time schools by outlining specific practices that can lead to dramatic increases in student achievement and preparation for success in college and the workforce.