Our New School Redesign Reports & Tools

With technical support from NCTL, Meriden has created ELT schools where students participate in engaging hands-on and technology-based course offerings. We know ELT works and we are thankful to our terrific partners, the National Center on Time & Learning, for helping us re-engineer our school day to meet the needs of our students, staff, and community. - Mark Benigni, Superintendent, Meriden Public Schools, CT
At NCTL, we are guided by lessons learned from our work with districts and schools across the country. We document and share practices that have been proven to effectively accelerate student achievement, provide students with access to engaging and enriching opportunities, and enable teacher collaboration and leadership.
We are pleased today to announce the redesign of our website - www.timeandlearning.org - which highlights all of the services we provide to districts and schools around the country as well as many of our resources. Whether you are seeking studies of successful schools that have leveraged expanded time as part of a school turnaround, to watch a video on how to structure collaboration time for teachers, or to learn how many expanded-time schools there are in your state, you will easily find it on our redesigned site.
As we focus on ensuring students in the highest poverty communities have access to a high-quality education, it is critical that we push for the three-pronged approach that is at the center of our redesign work. Even if some schools are not able to increase time, it is imperative that students have time for individualized supports and interventions and enrichment opportunities that build new skills and interests.  Teachers need more time in their school schedule to collaborate and plan together. Our team of experts knows how to help districts and schools maximize time in the current school day as well as how to redesign the school day and year with more time. Please visit our website for information about the services we provide to districts and schools.
Next week, we'll be in touch again with an update on policy trends across the United States with our Learning Time in America report and an update to our expanded-time schools database. We are doing this work because we believe, like you, that all children deserve an education that prepares them for success in college, careers, and life. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing to work together to help all children access a quality education.