Expanded-Time School Highlighted by Sir Ken Robinson

Did you get to watch Sir Ken Robinson on “CBS This Morning” to discuss his new book, “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education” yesterday?

At minute 4:23, Boston Arts Academy, an expanded-time school in Massachusetts, is highlighted as a prime example of a school that is “doing the right things.” What right things? They have a broad curriculum - music, theatre, dance, math, etc. - and a creative approach to science. They also have flexibility in the way that they approach individualizing education.

We like Sir Ken Robinson’s core beliefs that schools need to personalize their education based on the needs of a child.  He believes that, at its heart, education is an individual experience  – even in the same family, siblings will approach and experience their education differently.   His message struck out to us because with more time in the schedules, schools can account for individual student’s needs and progress while also  providing a well-rounded education.

Boston Arts Academy (BAA), the city’s only school dedicated to the visual and perfoming arts, does just that for its students. With its longer day, the school is able to help its high school students excel in the art class of their choice while also devoting time to English Language Arts, mathematics, science, etc. A focus on the arts does not have to mean a trade-off for other academic subjects.

Sir Ken Robinson said: “My core message is we need to personalize education…That all children are different, and we have to find their talents and cultivate them.”

BAA is certainly doing this and we are so proud that he recognized them for their efforts. Let us know if you read his book and have thoughts in our comments.